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Find Your Sweet Spot!

Your sweet Spot is where what you love to do, what you are wired to do, and what others are willing to pay you to do collide.  When you find your sweet spot, not only are you more effective, not only do you feel more alive -when you find your sweet spot your work becomes play & everyone wins!  If you want to find your sweet spot download your Free copy of Byron’s Sweet Spot Finder Tool here.

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Get RePurposed!

When it comes to accomplishing anything significant, obstacles are not just unavoidable they are inevitable. Since this is a fact of life why not learn how to leverage obstacles into inevitable success. Obstacles do not have to be roadblocks; they can become reliable roadmaps that will lead you to achieving even more than you ever thought possible. You just have to leverage them correctly. Get the ebook here.

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Time To Calibrate!

CALIBRATE is a private, one on one, 2-day facilitated process to help you: re-discover your unique design, clarify your purpose and calling & craft a clear actionable plan for the life and career you love. It’s unfortunate that most people will spend more time planning their vacation than they’ll ever spend planning their life.  DON’T MAKE THIS MISTAKE! Find out more.

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Byron’s 411 If You’re Interested:)

Former American record holder in swimming, Ironman, turned career coach.  Byron is the founder of the epic life project and absolutely loves helping people get unstuck and transform their passions into lives and careers they love. He does this through online resources, group coaching bootcamps, & private live, one-on-one LifePlan Immersions called CALIBRATE!

Byron authored the book Re:Purposed (The art of turning setbacks into success through letting your obstacles lead the way), and created the 8 part peak performance audio program Unleash The Unstoppable YOU!

He enjoys speaking at conferences and prides himself on always being prepared so that his presentations are entertaining to watch and easy to understand. He helps audiences reverse limiting beliefs on the spot and teaches them to use the simple power of personal narratives to quickly establish new habits and activate their God gifted potential, on call.  Byron received his BA from UCLA and Masters from Biola University.

If you are interested in working with Byron or having him speak at your next event click to download Byron’s speaker bio here.  You can also call: (661) 293-2745 or email Annett: