The Authentic Thought Leader 
Session 3: 3 Best Practices For Becoming
The "Obvious Choice" In Your Niche!

Course Summary: Learn The 3 Best Practices For Becoming The Obvious Choice In Your Niche!

Building a viable and rewarding business around your knowledge, interest, and expertise comes down to having a simple and solid foundation from which to build upon.  This foundation is made up of 3 mission critical elements that will catalyze all of your other efforts and foster exponential growth and impact.

After over 12 years of being a professional speaker and career coach, and having studied under some of the very best in our industry I have come to understand and appreciate, in a profound way, that one's success in this business hinges on three very important cornerstones.  If you could only focus on doing three things very well right from the start, that would significantly increase your odds of thriving in this business, these are the 3 things:

3 Mission Critical Cornerstones For A
Successful Thought Leader Business:

Cornerstone #1: Your Big Believable Promise!
Cornerstone #2: Your AUTHORITY STORY!
Cornerstone #3: Your SIGNATURE SYSTEM

In this training I will walk you through each cornerstone and then give you a simple framework so that you can implement each cornerstone into your business.

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3 Frameworks Action Sheet