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    Look... I get it! I know first hand what it feels like to be deeply discouraged, frustrated and fed up with not having the outer results in my life accurately reflect the inner potential that I knew was inside of me. After I retired from being a professional athlete (USA National Team & World Cup competitor in swimming), for the first half of my professional life I felt like a fish out of water because my day jobs never seemed to line up with my day dreams and natural strengths. Like most of us, the primary reason I

excepted a job was not because it matched my gifting but because it offered a steady pay check with good benefits. Now don't get me wrong, a job is a "blessing." But what I know now that I didn't know then is, doing your work and doing what makes you come alive don't have to be two mutually exclusive ideas. You can "get paid to be YOU!"

The trick is learning how to translate your strengths into real solutions that others will actually pay you for. 

In other words, the key to getting paid to be YOU is found in discovering your SWEET SPOT!

Larry Titus

Byron excells at helping people win...

“I can't think of a more fitting calling for a man who has excelled at helping people win in life. He's the ideal dream coach who knows how to facilitate others through a process that he himself has walked. I cannot think of a more stellar man. Byron walks in his calling of transformation coach with humility and authentic concern and care."

     No matter if you want to work for an established organization, or venture out to launch your own start-up, knowing how you position yourself to do work that you are naturally wired to win at is critical. Research continues to reveal that we do our best work when it is work that matters to others and meaningful to ourselves. Real fulfillment is found in having the financial opportunity to engage in our strengths while doing work that solves real problems for others.

Studies also show that 70% of your adult life will be spent working. If that's true, why not once and for all, do work that allows you to:

1.  Live with passion.
2.  Play to your strengths.
3.  Get paid to do and share what you love!

Thoughtful, inspiring, & authentic...

“Thoughtful, inspiring, and authentic. Working with Byron is like having your own “hype-man” in your corner. What’s cool is Byron is able to see the great within you that your may take for granted or overlook and conversationally helps you plan your work and more importantly, work your plan.”

Susan Wurzelbacher

As the founder of PaidToBeYOU! (a movement that helps talented people get unstuck and create meaningful work around their strengths) one of the biggest challenges I see people facing is getting crystal clear about which of their passions and interests can honestly make them a very good living?

That's Why I Created The Sweet Spot Finder Tool!

The Sweet Spot Finder Tool is a FREE resource action guide that allows you to discover where your passions, strengths, and the needs of the marketplace collide. Let's be honest there are things in life that we enjoy doing but will never be world-class at -for me it's singing... Lol :-). That's o.k.!

The good news is you do have passions that you can become "world-class" in that can be the solution to problems in your organization or marketplace.  You have inner gifts right now that can be "packaged" differently and offered to the world in a new and fresh way.  And get this... You can  get paid at a premium for them.  How cool is that?

Imagine waking up every morning knowing that you make a great living doing work that is perfectly aligned with your passion and purpose!

Tim Paige

Simply powerful...

“Simply Powerful! In Just 45 Minutes Byron helped me breakthrough a huge barrier holding me back from achieving an important goal in my life. He asked simple questions that he knew would cause me to expose to myself exactly what I needed.”

When you discover which of your passions and strengths can be solutions to the problem a lot of people are having, that's when you'll have the greatest opportunity to get paid to do and share what it is you love!

The Sweet Spot Finder Tool Will Help YOU:

    • Get Clear About What You Like To Do: This is where you harvest your passions, interest and affinities.
    • Get Clear On What You Are Wired To Do: This is where you begin to identify which of your passions you could become world-class at in a short time.
    • Get Clear About What Others Are Willing To Pay You To Do:  At this stage you'll learn how to uncover felt needs & problems that your strengths can be solutions to and how position your strengths so others take notice.

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“Byron, you have a gift of brilliance and profound insight! Thank you for inspiring so many, myself included!”

Shannon Tanner
Stacie DeBerry

Game changer...

“Working with Byron has been a game changer for me. He’s a walking resource that can point you real solutions and not just theory. Whenever I’ve reached out to him about a problem he’ll quickly shoot me contacts or links to resources that help me get the job done. His weekly podcast helps me stay motivated and stay in my lane. Byron, you have been a blessing.”

Byron helps you "own" your passion...

“I’ve known Byron for a few years now and it’s undeniable that his call is to help people own their passion and play to their strengths. He lives and breathes helping people show up big in their life. Go big or go home! That’s what I say.”

Scott Williams
Maurice Dimino

A true servant leader...

“Byron Davis is a true servant leader. He puts his heart and soul into helping you show up big in your life. If that isn't enough…Then he helps you to allow your best self to take the lead! The most important idea I gained from Byron was how to get clear about what matters most and what approach works best. Trust Byron to show you the way.”

My secret weapon...

“Great speaker and life coach. Byron was my secret weapon in finding clarity around my next move after the Olympics. He practically wrote the speech I gave to Bank of America, capturing my heart and helping me tell my personal story in a compelling way.”

Annett Davis
Paula Widden

Byron helped me followthrough...

“I went to Byron’s Change The Game workshop and was motivated to follow through on not just getting my book done, but was able to get very clear about what my promotional plan and execution strategy would be.”

Byron walks his talk...

“I first met Byron at the gym and it didn’t take long to be ignited by his passion for helping people get clear about their gifts and turning their strengths into solutions that help other people. He walks the talk and I am honored to call him a great friend and a man after God’s own heart.”

Real Andrews
Mel Steward

The real deal...

“Byron is one heck of a motivational speaker and career coach. His ability to capture and keep the attention of audiences of all ages is fun to watch. He’s a man of integrity, and very authentic. It’s always a pleasure to share the stage with him.”

Magnetic & powerful...

“I love working with Byron. Byron is a magnetic and powerful communicator. His passion for God and helping people live out their God gifted abilities empowers you to truly see your life as epic!”

Carol Shockley

Hi, I'm Byron Davis

I'm a former American record holder, Ironman, turned career coach, & founder of Paid To Be YOU.  I have a nack for helping people get unstuck and transform their ideas into lives and careers they love. I love doing this through online resources, group coaching bootcamps, & private live 2 day coaching immersions called Calibrate!

I'm the author of Re:Purposed (The art of winning through letting your obstacles lead the way), and creator of the 8 part peak performance audio program Unleash The Unstoppable YOU!  

Most of all, I'm a happy husband, proud father of two, and will use just about any excuse to spend a weekend adventuring in the mountains or at sea!

LifePlan Immersions called CALIBRATE!