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Run & Jump Media and The Paid To Be You Bootcamp Series Presents:


The B Roll Bootcamp is for you if...

 You are an independent expert (a speaker, coach, consultant, or freelance professional) who understands the value of professionally shot promotional video -but also knows all too well how hard it is to capture stunning, professionally shot B roll footage of yourself in action at an affordable price.

  • B roll video is the footage you see that powerfully supports the voice over you hear telling the story.  It  is the footage in all compelling video that illuminates and illustrates what the person is saying through powerful, animated imagery. 
  • It’s a well known fact that effective communication is 25% verbal and 75% nonverbal. Our expressions and body language are what really persuade, not our words alone. B roll video is a powerful medium for communicating a message, rapidly establishing credibility, and effectively selling your product or service.
  • While it is the speaker in the video that tells the story, it is the B-Roll video footage that really sells the story. It is the B roll video footage that really engages the viewers, captures their attention, and communicates your message in a powerful way.  This is why B roll video is Critical!
  • The problem is, getting B roll video of yourself in action is the hardest type of video footage to get. It can cost upwards of $2,000 to $5,000 dollars for what amounts to 3 to 5 minutes of usable footage.

That's Why The B Roll Bootcamp Was Created!

The B Roll Bootcamp is specifically for professionals who understands the value of great video footage and want to capture stunning B roll for themselves at an affordable price.

This is a one day LIVE experience where 45 to 50 professionals come together, and each get several turns on stage in action, while cameras from a professional cinematographer captures powerful shots of you in action.

Now, don’t worry about coming to this event prepared with a fully polished presentation. Our professional team will direct you through a productive and fun day where you will walk away with enough professionally shot B roll to create not one, but several promotional videos that sell.

 50 Professionals Max

Each person will get several turns on stage, directed through several different scenarios to capture the best B roll results .

Fun & Professional Setup

Stunning B roll comes down to camera angles and capturing clean shots.  We know how to bring out and capture you at your best.

Great Networking!

This event brings the best and brightest together in a different type of experience that lends itself naturally to meaningful networking & connection.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How much does B Roll Bootcamp cost?

What do I get for $250?

Can we change clothes for different shots?

Am I able to get A roll footage of me speaking?

Can I capture a  A Roll of me sharing my services?

Can I bring a friend or colleague?

What is the dress code?

How long is the event?

The B Roll Bootcamp will be held at the Rockstar Marketing Mastermind.

 (*location subject to change)

Rockstar Mastermind @ The Westin Hotel 

Meet Your Facilitators:

Byron Davis, Creator of the Paid To Be YOU bootcamp series.

Byron is a former American record holder & Ironman turned professional speaker and career coach.  He travels all around the country helping professionals grow their business by helping them rapidly establish expert positioning through speaking and information product creation.

Byron will be directing you on event day through a fun experience, helping you showcase your most authentic, natural, and engaging presence on stage.

Josh Nonaan, Founder & Chief Creative at Run & Jump Media

Josh is an accomplished cinematographer who works with corporations and organizations to leverage visual storytelling to advance their product campaigns and over all brand image and impact

Josh and his team will be in charge of capturing "the money shots" through strategically placed video cameras to capture your unique charisma, personality, & authority from several different angles.

Run & Jump Media

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