B Roll Bootcamp Raw Footage Examples

The examples below were taken at a B Roll bootcamp.  These are just a few of the many shots and angles you will be receiving.  Notice  how  you never really see clear shots of anyone in the audience.  These shots make YOU the focal point allowing the presense of the audience to be a powerful element that fosters trust and authority.

Introduction Video:

To give you an idea of how you can use your B Roll, the video above is an example of how I used B Roll video for my B Roll Bootcamp sales page.  I took B Roll that was shot at one of my events and used it with A Roll that I took of me speaking at my house.  

If you to have B Roll shots of YOU taken from the stage please sign up below!

B Roll Shot Example #1

Important Note:  The shot examples below where taken a the last B Roll bootcamp (with only 15 people in the room)

Important Note:  B Roll footage has NO Sound.  It's the footage that SUPPORTS your A Roll (the video footage where you are speaking and sharing your story).  You will receive enough B Roll to use in hundreds of combinations, for your promotional videos, and sizzle reel.

B Roll Shot Example #2

B Roll is great for bringing more visual impact and credibility to what you are verbally communicating within your videos.  B Roll of YOU presenting communicates your authority and ability to share and teach others what you know.

B Roll Shot Example #3

At the B Roll Bootcamp you'll be able to bring your own props for the stage to simulate your actual presentation or training.