THE 2-DAY Immersive! 

"Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that. Don't be impressed with yourself. Don't compare yourself with others. Each of us must take responsibility for doing the creative best we can with our own life."
Galatians 6:4,5 (The Message)

Life Either Happens To You Or It Happens Through You!  

Those who take the time to Calibrate their life have the best chance of making the rest of their life the best of their life.  
is a private, one on one, 2-day facilitated process to help you: 
re-discover your unique design,
clarify your purpose and calling 
& craft a clear actionable plan
for the life and career you love. 

"As authentic as they come..."

"I can't think of a more fitting calling for a man who has excelled in excelling in life. He's the ideal dream coach who knows how to facilitate others through a process that he himself has walked. I cannot think of a more stellar man. Byron walks in his calling of transformation coach with humility and authentic concern and care."

Larry Titus Founder & President, Kingdom Global Ministries

"I couldn't ask for a better experience..."

"Byron put me back in touch with dormant dreams and goals for my life.  He then gave me the strategy and confidence to realize them.  I couldn't ask or hope for a better experience.  Thank you, Coach B!

David goss Lead Pastor, Light & Life Goleta
NCAA All American, Stanford University Record Holder, USA National Team Volleyball

For the past decade, as a pastor & life coach, Byron Davis has worked with leaders to craft strategic solutions for life and work. Equipped with a powerful 21-step process, expert facilitation and a fierce commitment to helping people take action, Byron is uniquely gifted in ushering individuals towards their breakthrough.

Calibrate is for the person who:

Feels stuck and needs more clarity around the new season they are entering into.
Is in transition and desires clear actionable "next steps" into a better situation.
Sensing a new direction and new calling on their life.

What Exactly Is A Life Plan? 

The Calibrate LifePlan is a 2-day, one-on-one, comprehensive process that reveals a person's giftedness and unique individual purpose. It helps you find clarity from key events and turning points in your past, and empowers you to manage vocational transitions. Certified by the Paterson Center, Byron uses 21 basic tools to help you answer life’s biggest questions. Calibrate is a proven, and sound process that considers both the spiritual and environmental dynamics at play and is intended to help you:

a. rediscover your unique design,
b. clarify your life mission and
c. apply your new insights and discoveries to the 5 areas of your life
(personal, family, vocational, church, and community life).

"Byron definitely has a passion for helping people..."

"Byron definitely has a passion for helping people embrace their God given strengths and passionately live their subplot in God's epic story. I enjoyed working with him when he and I lead a group of high capacity leaders through an experience at Leadership Network."

Reggie McNeal Christian Thought Leader, Author of Missional Renaissance & Practicing Greatness

"Coach Byron is a master teacher & motivator..."

"My two day life plan experience and adventure in self-discovery with Coach Byron was life changing and pivotal in my recent success and has given me peace of mind that is now a daily experience.

Guided by Byron's laser focused facilitation, the fog of my life dispelled and I came away with a distilled, succinct, laser focused statement of my life purpose and a plan on how to manifest the latent potential that was lying dormant in me."

Omar A. Muhammad Spiritual Counselor, Pastor, Masters In Theology Dallas Seminary

Who Is A Life Plan For? 

Do you feel burned out in your life and career?
Are you wanting to rediscover your true purpose and calling?
Has God been prompting your heart to take a step of faith in your career?
Are you concerned or confused about your priorities for work and life balance?
Have you been wanting to invest in a clear strategy for your future?

Top leaders in faith and business have gone through the Life Plan process that is being offered to you.

Leaders including Bill Hybels, Rick Warren, Donald Miller, Gabe Lyons and others have all used this powerful tool to strategically execute their calling in life.

Now it is your turn! 

Individuals Sensing A New Calling
Marketplace Or Non-Profit Leaders Wanting To Clarify Mission & Impact 
Professionals Who Are Confused About Next Steps For Life & Work
Leaders Who Desire To Maximize Impact
Staff Who Are Transitioning People Who Feel Stuck Or Frustrated By Progress 

"The Greatest Gift We Can Give Each Other Is The Uncompromising Gift Of  Being The Best Version Of Ourselves!"
Byron Davis

What Are The Benefits Of A Life Plan? 

Clarity in life is a powerful thing.  When we are clear about our direction and possess a stronger understanding of what the events and situations in our life mean, we are able to take confident action with a sense of purpose, mission, and hopeful possibility.  Here are just a few of the tangible benefits you can expect from going through Calibrate:

Increased Confidence For Your Life And Work
Having Clearer Filters And Frameworks For All Decisions
Effective Goal & Priority Alignment 
Recover From or Avoid Burnout And Lack Of Motivation
Get Unstuck And Take Meaningful Results Driven Action
Finish Well In One Area & Transition To A New Season Effectively 

What Does A Life Plan Through Calibrate Include? 

 2 days of one-on-one facilitation with Byron Davis
Pre Work Exercises Workbook
A Comprehensive Guided Immersion Through The Major Turning Points Of Your Life
Complete & Thorough Documentation Of Both Sessions
Digital Copy Of Your Life Plan
Leather Bound Hard Copy Of Your Strategic Life Plan
Copy of Byron's ebook, RePurposed!
Copy of Byron's 8 part peak performance audio series, Unleash The Unstoppable YOU!
4 Follow-Up Coaching Calls With Byron 
Complimentary Premium Molskine Journal

When You Calibrate You Will:

Repurpose Your Past.

Reset Your Present.

Reclaim Your Future.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined."
Henry Davis Thoreau

How Much Does Calibrate Cost? 

The 2 day Life Plan experience is $3000 and covers all supplies, resources, and everything mentioned above.  Most professionally run organizations and ministries will cover the cost of an impactful service like this for their employees considering an important move within the organization or a transition out of the organization and into another new opportunity.  Research in human resources and employee cost reveal that organizations actually save more money over time by offering this kind of service to their leadership team, staff, or employees.  Payment plans are available.

Other Frequently Asked Questions:


The 2-day sessions are held at a professional conference center meeting room, church class room, or private office conference room. It is a private one on one process where you will be free to share relevant information with the confidence that what is shared is protected by "client/facilitator" privilege.


While there are many benefits from ongoing monthly coaching, this 2-day experience is quite different. Byron is a Paterson Center certified facilitator and is well trained in the art of socratic & exploratory questioning. What you will be able to accomplish in 2 days normally takes 4 to 6 months of traditional life coaching sessions. A Calibrate Life Plan process empowers you to answer big life questions and equips you with a clear plan of action in just 2 days.


While there are many wonderful books and resources to help you gain direction for your life and career, they can be limited in depth and scope. Nothing can compare to spending 2-days with a trained and professional facilitator who is able to help you extract deeper truths, push for clarity and create the right accountability for you to achieve results in a short period of time.


This is for individuals who are in leadership and managing either a transition, change or need to discern God’s calling in their life. If you feel stuck or sensing new opportunities, a Life Plan is a powerful tool to help you courageously embrace your future.


A Life Plan is a customized, high-end facilitated leadership experience that is unlike any other kind of assessment or program. The investment is $3000. However, considering what leaders typically spend a year on attending 2-3 leadership conferences, the investment would fall into that range. We also offer 3-6 month payment plans and an exclusive non-profit discount. The Life Plan investment includes all materials, two lunches and follow up access with Byron.

"To be no one but yourself in a world that is constantly, day and night, trying to make you like everyone else is the hardest battle any human can fight; Never stop fighting."
E. E. Cummings


After an initial phone consultation with Byron, scheduling is simple and a date will be locked in. There is also required pre-work that must be completed by the client before the session.  The phone consultation is NOT a sales call.  It is a honest opportunity for both you and Byron to assess if Calibrate is right for you.  Please know and understand Byron also reserves the right to decline the opportunity to work with you, and in that case would refer you to someone else.


The Life Plan is done as an individual and not with a group.


You will work directly with Byron the entire time. No other person will be in the 2-day session and all conversations are confidential. and protected by client/facilitator privilege.


No. This experience is focused on evaluation, perspective and implementing action items. This is not talk therapy or an informal conversation with a friend. It is a professional experience designed for you to walk away with tangible next steps and offers clear deliverables.

HAVE MORE QUESTIONS?  Please Schedule a "no-risk, no-sales pitch" call below.


"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."
Albert Einstien

Game Changer...!

"Working with Byron has been a game changer for me! He’s a walking resource that can point you to real solutions and not just theory. Whenever I’ve reached out to him about a problem he’ll quickly shoot me contacts or links to resources that help me get the job done. His weekly podcast helps me stay motivated and stay in my lane. Byron, you have been a blessing."

StacIE DeBerry Founder of Sports Basix, Sport Radio Personality, Motivational Speaker

"Doing a LifePlan helped me realign my focus..."

"Working with Byron was an awesome experience that is hard to put into words.  Doing a life plan helped me realign my focus, and get crystal clear on how to actually execute work/life integration where the strongest version of me takes the lead in every area of my life.

I didn't know how to reconcile my role as director of IT at Disney with what I felt my life calling was - to help men honor God in work and in the home.  I now have a renewed sense of hope and excitement for what God is birthing through me."

Rushdi Ariss Director of IT at Disney Pictures

Schedule a "No Risk, No-Sales Pitch" Conversation Call With Byron To Evaluate Whether Or Not Calibrate Is Right For You!

Byron's authentic and well prepared...

"When Byron and I worked with a group of church leaders together at Leadership Network it didn't take long to see how much he cared about equipping leaders to empower and impact their church and communities.  He was thoughtful, authentic and well prepared!"

Eric Swanson Author of the best selling books, Externally Focused Church & To Transform A City

Thoughtful, Inspiring, & Authentic...

"Thoughtful, inspiring, and authentic. Working with Byron is like having your own “hype-man” in your corner. What’s cool is Byron is able to see the great within you that your may take for granted or overlook and conversationally helps you plan your work and more importantly, work your plan."


"Each one of us has been commissioned to bring into reality the visions and dreams that God has invested within us all.  These dreams are our birthright.  Understand though, if we choose not to invest ourselves to this end, we forfeit that birthright and destine ourselves to live out our days as just a part of someone else's dream.”

As a combined pastor & career coach, over the past decade, Byron has helped countless leaders recalibrate their lives, so that they leverage more of their strengths, and craft lives and careers that leave a legacy.  For more on Byron click here.

P.S. It's Never Too Late To Make The Rest Of Your Life The Best Of Your Life!  Let's Make It Happen, Now!