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I'm really excited about teaching this short course.  I like to call it the "scatter-brain's" guide to getting things done.  If you consider yourself a part of the "creative class"  like I do (meaning you have more ideas before 9 am than most people have all day) than this productivity course is especially for you.  If  you are a great starter, but if you are not careful, you can be a terrible finisher this course is for you, too.  I created this course to cut through the fluff and immediately get you going so that you get more of your great ideas done.  No theory, only application! Enjoy!!!

Learn The 5 Powerful Productivity Rituals for Overriding Procrastination, Following through, & Finishing Well On The Ideas and Projects That Matter Most To YOU!

Welcome to this 5-part quick start course presented by  The Effectiveness Formula is created to help you spend less time preparing to be productive and spend more time actually getting your ideas done!

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Ritual #1: Introduction & Decisive Living

In this video, we go over what you can expect from this quick productivity course and you'll discover the simplest way to process all of the stuff that gets dropped on your plate and immediately get productive right out of the gate.

Ritual #2: Overcoming Overwhelm

This video training is all about how to overcome overwhelm and information overload.  This simple ritual will allow you to get things out of your head and into your workflow so that you can use your brain power for more useful things.

Ritual #3: Streamline Your Life

Streamlining your life is all about lining up your beliefs and behaviors to support and affirm the most important things in each area of your life.  This ritual takes the 80/20 Rule and teaches you how to actually apply it to your daily life so that you begin to do less, but achieve more.

Ritual #4: 360 Degree Accountability

In this video training you will discover the power of accountability.  This ritual allows you to leverage the support of 4 strategic types of people in your life so that failure is no longer a viable option.

Ritual #5: Start Before You're Ready

In this final video training you will learn how to overcome the fear of "not being ready" and understand how "not being ready" is actually an advantage.  When you practice the ritual of "starting before you are ready" you will begin to tap into hidden reservoir of potential that would never otherwise have been tapped.  Simply by taking action before you think you are, you take your performance to another level creatively.  

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