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Annett Davis,
Former Pro Beach Volleyball Player & Olympian

“Byron, thank you for helping me take the overwhelm out of building my email list. The simple trick you showed me to quickly repurpose my content, and create irresistible lead magnets that convert is priceless!”

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Email list building doesn't have to be difficult.  There are just three things you need to know how to do that makes growing your tribe easy, effective, and fun!

Actually Create A High Converting
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During this 7 day challenge the objective is clear: create a lead magnet that converts!  The good news is, it's a lot easier than you think when you follow a proven process and template. 

Learn 3 Simple Techniques For Quickly Coming 
Up With Freebie Ideas That Work Every Time

During this challenge you will learn 3 simple methods for coming up with winning ideas that are already vetted and validated.  Once you know what your market is hungry for, all you have to do is feed them what they want.

Learn How To Get Your Audience To
Always Tell You What They Really Want

Stop trying to be a mind reader.  Learn how to get your market to tell you what their fears, frustrations, wants, and desires are.  When you understand what matters most to them, you'll be able to speak authentically, and directly to their most pressing needs.

About the Challenge Creator: Byron Davis

Former American Record Holder & World Class athlete turned professional speaker, author, & certified career coach. Since 2002, in some form or another, Byron has been helping leaders launch their personal brand and platforms; leveraging their experience and expertise into educational curriculum, group coaching programs, masterminds and more!

What People Are Saying

Jim Garner, John Maxwell Group

“Your Authority funnel framework is powerful.  Once I dialed in the right lead magnet for my audience everything else just fell into place! ”

Shannon-yvette,Author of Worthy

“Byron, you have a gift of brilliance and profound insight! You truly know how to bring the best out of people. Thank you for inspiring so many coaches, myself included!

Brenda Im, Author & Speaker

“I love working with Byron.  He has the ability to help you get clear about what your most irresistible offer really is, and how to build a tribe around that! ”

Rich Roll,Ultra Athlete, Author, Podcaster and Plant Power Advocate

“I love sitting with Byron on a strategy session… mind mapping and creating blueprints. He makes you feel like you can conquer the world. ”

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