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Byron Davis, founder & lead facilitator

The most  effective way to Get PAID to Be YOU, is to demonstrate VALUE through what you authentically do.  Paid To Be YOU is a comprehensive program that is the first of its kind to offer, not only the core business fundamentals of launching and scaling a business around doing and sharing what you love; you'll also MAKE YOUR COMPETITION IRRELEVANT by learning to infuse your unique personality and style into a signature program that serves others and sells itself!"

What You Get As A Member Of The Paid To Be YOU Bootcamp:

Paid To Be YOU will take you from where you currently are and sequentially walk you through a comprehensive process
of taking your knowledge, experiences, and expertise and package them into YOUR UNIQUE SIGNATURE program that serves
others and sells itself!  As a member of the "Alpha Class" not only do you get the full training course - you also get an incredible
bonus package that WILL NOT BE OFFERED AGAIN!


Bonus/Benefit #1: Lifetime Membership

Alpha Class members will NOT have to pay the $35 monthly membership fee.

While fundamental business practices are evergreen, technology, tools, and techniques are constantly changing. The Paid To be YOUniversity will be a powerful resource to help you stay ahead of the curve when it comes to "what's working now."

Each month you'll get access to video training, expert interviews, case studies, and software reviews for life.


Bonus/Benefit #2:  FREE Master Class Access

(Each master class will be $97  per class.  5 to 6 Classes per year)

Master classes are single "stand alone" (no up sell) classes that will focus on one skill set, methodology, or technique that will help you be a better authority within your industry or niche.

Master classes will cost $97 to the general public, but as a member of the Alpha class, you will get a VIP invite link that gives you access to any class you want to attend for free.


Bonus/Benefit #3: Access To Useful Software & Plugins

Alpha Class members are premium clients of Paid To Be You.

As the founder and lead trainer of the Paid To Be You series I am dedicated to regularly investing in my own professional education.  As I vet new applications, SAS programs, and plugins, I will pass along the benefits of my developers licensees to you.  I will only offer the software & plugins I stand behind.

As a founding member of the Alpha class you are a client of the Paid To Be You brand which allows me to pass along my developers benefits to you (this bonus alone more than pays for the enrollment fee).

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Here's How The Paid To Be YOU
6 Week Deep Dive Training Will Work:

Every week you'll get 2 or 3 comprehensive trainings (in video, audio, and written formats) that guides you through one or two of the eight fundamental skill sets for launching and scaling a business revolving around your passion or expertise.

You'll receive the trainings every Monday, along with templates, checklists and execution forms. Watch the training and follow the checklist and execution forms to apply what you learn to what you want to accomplish in your own life.  Just model what is already proven to work.

During the week you'll submit any questions you have and on Thursdays we will have a live Q&A call where I along with a guest expert will answer your questions and keep you moving forward.  The goal is for NO PERSON TO BE LEFT BEHIND.


Week 1: Discover The YOU Advantage & Decide On A Niche You'll Serve

Get clear about YOU & Who You Want To Serve.

Right out of the gate within the first week you are going to get clear on which of your passions and interests will give you the best shot at starting right where you are and shortly afterward start generating an income doing and sharing what you love.

Here's where you get clear on the core personal characteristics you already possess that make you an instant authority and which niche will most welcome you right from the start.


Week 2: Choose A Problem & Turn Your Solution Into A System That Gets Results.

People Will Always Pay To Have Their Problems Solved.

The fastest and surest way to generate an income doing what you love is doing it in such a way that you solve problems others are willing to pay you for.

During this week you'll uncover the most popular problems your niche has already demonstrated they will pay to have solved.  Once you know this you'll walk through proven steps for creating your signature solution others will celebrate you for.


Week 3: Craft your Authority Story & Create An Offer People Can't Refuse (Irresistible lead Magnet) 

Position Yourself As An Authority By Leading With Value First.

Before people ever buy from you they must first buy into you. This week you'll craft your "authority story" and connect it to a FREE offer that will fill your email list with "the right" tribe members who "get you" and desire to have YOU as a trusted authority.  

Everyone has "a story" that resonates with their most ideal market. The challenge for most people is knowing how to craft and share that story effectively.  During this week you'll overcome this challenge.


Week 4: Launch Your 10x Platform & Start Growing Your Tribe.

This is where you build your email list and create community around solving problems your tribe cares about.

In this digital age having an online "home base" (a digital platform like an authority site) is critical.  What you are going to accomplish this week is NOT HOW TO LAUNCH ANOTHER BLOG.

In week four we're going to create a simple site that will showcase your authority, quickly get your readers results they want, and explode your list building efforts so that building your business becomes easier and more fun.


Week 5: Pick A Big Fight & Start Crusading For The Cause.

This is where you establish your position and rally more and more troops into your tribe who are eager to buy what you sell..

Here's when you start to catch up to and blow past your competition.  You are going to learn 5 different promotional campaigns that puts you in front of your most ideal audience and know exactly what to do and say to inspire them to join your tribe and buy what you have to offer, without having to "fake it, till you make it!"

Learn to employ the same simple strategy Obama used to get elected president  so you can become one of the most influential voices in your niche (this strategy is so simple you'll kick yourself for not using it long ago).


Week 6: Create Your Signature Offer That Serves Your Tribe & Sells Itself.

This is where you monetize your experiences and expertise into digital products and programs that sell.

Look, in order to make a living doing and sharing what you love you must sell something.  What if there was a way to present your offers in a way that makes others excited to listen and happily buy without you coming across desperate, self-centered, and salesy.

What if you could move people through a seamless process of offering so much value in advance that by the time you ask them to buy they'll actually say, "'s about time?"  During week six, that's exactly what you're going to learn how to do.

See What Others Who Have Worked With Byron Are Saying:

In Just 45 minutes Byron helped me breakthrough a huge barrier holding me back from achieving an important goal in my life. He asked simple questions that he knew would cause me to expose to myself exactly what I needed. POWERFUL!

Tim Paige,
LeadPages Ambassador, Professional Voiceover Artist

Working with Byron has been a game changer for me. He’s a walking resource that can point you to real solutions and not just theory. Whenever I reach out to him about a problem he’ll quickly shoot me contacts or links to resources that help me get the job done. His weekly podcast helps me stay motivated and stay in my lane. Byron, you have been a blessing.

Stacey DeBerry,
 Sports Talk Show Personality & Speaker

I can't think of a more fitting calling for a man who has excelled in excelling in life. He's the ideal dream coach who knows how to facilitate others through a process that he himself has walked. I cannot think of a more stellar man. Byron walks in his calling of transformation coach with humility and authentic concern and care.

Larry Titus,
Kingdom Global Ministries.

Byron has the charisma to be a rockstar and the substance to back it up. He simply crushed it at my Rockstar Marketing Conference! The attendees walked away with an actionable blueprint for how to BE YOU and GET PAID!  I loved his practical email list building strategies for speakers, coaches, and authors.

Craig Duswalt
Creator of the RockStar Marketing Bootcamp

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Enrollment at Launch $1,997  - Today Only $997

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