Here Are The 5 Best Lead Magnet & Landing Page Ideas That Convert!

Article written by Byron Davis

If You Are An Influencer, Expert, Author, or Coach & You Want A Simpler, More Effective Way Of Building Your Email List & Tribe Apply What's In This Article...

Let's jump in...

Let me guess, building your email list has been a little challenging in the past for you, or maybe you've just realized that building an email list is extremely important to building a successful online business (which it is)!

Listen, before you spend any more money on Facebook or Youtube ads, before you try to write another piece of content on a blog please understand,

You must first create a lead magnet that attracts, connects, and converts the right audience for you!


If your ultimate goal, as an expert and entrepreneur, is to attract more of your ideal clients into your tribe, and get them to happily buy from you, you must first create a useful solution that adds value to them right from the start.

This resource is what

Listen, people don't care about and are not impressed by your credentials.  If you cannot immediately help them, in some way, solve a problem they care about, they have little reason to care about you.

I don't mean to be harsh, but this is why knowing how to create a helpful resource that you give away for free is so important to your business.

The Problem Is:

Choosing the right type of lead magnet to offer can often be overwhelming, and difficult.

And the truth is, having the “right” lead magnet and landing page offer can either make growing your business easy and fun, or arduous and painful. I know this because I've experienced both sides myself, and so have 98% of my clients.

And let me stress to you an important point:

The Types Of Lead Magnets You Offer Are JUST AS CRITICAL as the problem you want others to pay you to solve.​

Why Do I Say This?

Choose the wrong content delivery device (i.e. how you package your lead magnet content) and your content will NEVER GET CONSUMED!​  And if your valuable content never gets consumed, people will never appreciate the true value you provide.

What's the end result?

You never get SEEN, you never get HEARD, which ultimate means you never get PAID!

Because of this, I’ve done the research and have taken the guesswork out of knowing which top 5 lead magnets are converting the best right now.

If you are a solo-prenuer who desires to build a business around doing what you love; or an influencer who’d like to leverage your massive social media following to launch your next big thing, offering the right lead magnet that converts can become the “unfair advantage” that you are looking for.

Especially if you offer some type of business or life coaching; or are a speaker, an author, or an expert on a specific topic, having the right lead magnet (FREE GIVE AWAY) can be the key to building an email list and a tribe that not just knows you, likes you, and trusts you, but will be happy and excited to buy from you.

That's what you want, right?

OK, First Things First:

What Exactly Is An Irresistible Lead Magnet (aka Free giveaway, Freemium, Free offer)

A Lead Magnet -noun- is a useful, practical, FREE solution that you giveaway in exchange for a person’s name and email address.

The purpose of an irresistible lead magnet is to attract and build one’s ideal audience/tribe and systematically deliver to that tribe relevant content and resources over time. This process moves each member, mentally and emotionally, through their “buyer’s journey” and ultimately leads them to a premium offer that they will willingly and happily buy from you at some point.

In this article we’re going to look at the top five different types of Lead Magnets and the absolutely WRONG mindset most business owners have about generating leads.

Let's Begin!

The single most important element of an irresistible lead magnet is...


Effective lead magnets that convert DO NOT have to be long, elaborate, or complex. In fact long, complex lead magnets are more likely to convert poorly.

The bottom line is: your FREE offer just needs to help your ideal client solve a pressing problem that they are having RIGHT NOW that is relevant to the bigger problem they are REALLY TRYING TO SOLVE!

In the desire to get the highest conversions on my list building efforts over the past 2 years I’ve become a “lead magnet & list building super nerd.” I never thought that I would actually geek out over this stuff but I do!

I love discovering new and better ways to grow my email list. Well, that being said,

Here are the top 5 lead magnets that are converting the best right now across multiple niches, and industries:

(Author's Note: There are NO affiliate links in this article and I have NO affiliation with any of the businesses that are represented below.  I've chosen each of these examples solely on their own merit and documented performance.)

1. A Simple Resource Guide:

A resource guide, typically offers the best tools and techniques that are required for a particular problem to be solved. Good resource guides take the guesswork out of what things a person needs to buy in order to successfully do something that matters to them. It saves a person time and money, and offers direction on “what not to get.” This helps one avoid the errors and pitfalls that a lot of “newbies” make when just starting a project.

Note: Keep your resource guide simple and avoid complexity. Don’t overwhelm people with a lot of stuff. Part of the value that you provide is in already having done the thinking and decision making for them. You are giving them the “NO-B.S.” list of what’s required to get something done.

Keep your resource guide simple and actionable!​

Examples of high converting resource guides:

  • FREE Resource Guide: The Only 5 Tools You Need To Start Creating Stunning Video Courses With Your Smart Phone.
  • FREE Resource Guide: Don’t Buy Another Email Marketing Course Until You See This!

Here's a real example from the guys over at HubSpot:

Pro Tip:

1. Go to and get a digital e-book image designed for your free guide. You can get it done for as little as $5!  Research shows that a visual image of a digital product increases its believability and convention rates.

2. A Complete Checklist:

A relevant Checklist takes all of the guesswork and uncertainty out of what a person needs to have in order to achieve a specific goal. Think about the steps involved in solving a specific problem. Then just list those steps out in a simple checklist format.

Example of high converting checklists:

  • FREE 16 point CheckList for Writing An A Paper Every Time!
  • FREE Smart Traveler’s Checklist That Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars On Your Next Trip.
    • FREE Home Seller’s Checklist That Will Ensure You Get Top Dollar On The Sell Of Your Home.

Here's a real world example of a successful checklist:

Pro Tip:

When you give a person the choice to say either YES or NO in their minds they feel less manipulated and more in control of the decision.  Notice how Matt Ackerson of Petovera uses likable subtitles under his YES & NO buttons to appear more casual and human.  Using "regular" and somewhat humorous language can build rapport and aid in making the reader feel more relaxed.

3. A Step By Step or "How-To" Template:

"How To" templates, or step by step blueprints, consistently get high conversion rates because they promise a clear pathway to the desired result a person wants. Its value is in helping a person avoid costly mistakes and shave months, even years off of their learning curve.

Keep your steps simple, and don’t make them more than 5 to 7. Even if each step actually has several smaller steps, keep your FREE offer within this sweet spot.

5 to 7 steps on a psychological level triggers the idea of “completion confidence” in humans. Think, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

Incidentally, the numbers 5 & 7 in many religions represent completion, and wholeness. Don’t fight how humans are hardwired. Leverage this quirk and make your "How To" Solution 5 to 7 steps.

Examples of Step by Step or How-To Templates:

  • ​The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People Download
  • The Simple 5 Question Sequence I Use To Get Clients To Sell Themselves On Working With Me.
  • How To Win Any Argument Nicely Using Just These 7 Words!

Here's a real world example of a successful Step by Step blueprint:

Pro Tip:

Keep your landing page simple, clean, and clear of anything that can compete for the readers attention.  A strong landing page has just ONE OFFER!  Notice how Andrew Akinyede, personal branding coach to the Millennials, puts himself on the cover of a digital ebook cover.  This is a subtle influence technique that helps establish authority positioning.  In our culture, being an author almost instantly makes you credible.  Being an author on the cover of your own book increases your perceived authority.

4. A Case Study Or Best Practice Tutorial:

Case studies are similar to “how-to” guides in that they provide clear directions on how to achieve a specific result. What makes case studies so powerful is it leverages the credibility of a real person.

We like seeing how other “ordinary” people get “extraordinary” results because it reminds us that we can do the same.

Turn your success story into a case study that reveals what you did to achieve the results your market desires.

Examples of Case Studies & Best Practices:

  • Download My Personal Case Study On How I Generated $5,000 In Less Than 12 Hours, Starting From Scratch!
  • Lose 30 Pounds In The Next 30 Days The Healthy Way: Free Case Study That Shows You How!
  • Case Study & Blueprint: How I Trained Only Twice A Week To Complete My First Marathon, Without Injury Or Spending Hundreds Of Hours Running.

Here are 2 real world examples of a case study lead magnet and landing page:

This first one is from marketing consultant James Noble:

While it's hard to read from the image, the reason why this landing page works is because James explains "the problem" that the reader can painfully relate to and then amplifies their curiosity for his case study that explains how to create and apply a content marketing plan from scratch.

The second example is from John Lee Dumas of EOFire and Podcaster's Paradise.

I included this example because John plays to his strength of using a video pitch on his landing page.  John knows his audience, and knows they are used to hearing his voice and excitement.  By using video, John invites people into his home (in a way) and simply shares an appeal for why attending his case study webinar would be beneficial.

Pro Tip:

Make sure you clearly express the DESIRED OUTCOME your reader wants in your headline or sub-headline.  Notice how John says, "...Create, Grow, & MONETIZE Your Podcast!"  The desired outcome of attending his webinar is clear.

5. A Simple, Outcome Driven Challenge:

Simple challenges are a fun way to not only build an email list, but to foster a community of people who are all accomplishing the same thing at the same time. There is something about being involved in a “movement” that brings energy and excitement to accomplishing one’s goals.

A 7 Day, 21 Day, and 30 Day Challenge does this. I like challenges because they are a very simple and effective way to demonstrate your expertise and build authority because you are actively helping a group of people work through a process and achieve a desired result in a relatively short period of time.

If you decide to use a challenge as a lead magnet, I recommend that you make your challenge short and deliver a quick win.

1. Be very clear about the outcome you are helping people achieve.

2. Breakdown that outcome into 7 actionable steps (if you are doing a seven day challenge).

3. Keep each step simple, but make sure there is a task the person has to do that moves them forward.

4. Offer live or video tutorials and Q & A sessions along the way to fill in the gaps that people may have.

5. At the end of the challenge, invite them to take the next logical step towards working with you.

Here is my real world example of a simple challenge:

I decided to share a personal example for two important reasons:

1.  Because it just makes sense for me to demonstrate that I actually practice what I preach. And...

2.  Because this last lead magnet and landing page is just a tad bit more advanced than the other four.  

I want to give you, not just a real world example on this one, but also give you an opportunity to participate in a FREE challenge to get first hand experience and ideas on how you might run your own.

Here's my example​ (I include a link to the actual page so you can see the full landing page):

Now it's Your Turn!  I hope this article was helpful and you are ready to create a lead magnet that converts!

Remember: It's only when we take action that we get our results!  
About the Author: Byron Davis

Former World Class athlete, and founder of Authority Labs & the Paid To Be You Framework. Byron's a certified personal branding & career coach. Since 2002, in some form or another, he has helped leaders create, launch and monetize their personal brand and business around their talents, knowledge, and expertise.

If you have a passion, purpose, or Signature process that you want to launch and scale, without all of the trial & error guess work, I'd love to help!"

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