How to Go from Zero to Revenue In 4 Straight Forward Steps (4-Part Video Course)


Get Paid To Share What You Already Know!

Master the simple skill set of turning your talents, strengths, & know-how into products, and services people already want to buy.

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Module #1

Decide Who You Serve!

Module #2

Choose The Right Problem To Solve!

Module #3

Validate Before You Create!

Module #4

Win Before You Begin!

Arguably The Fastest Way for You to Profit From Sharing What You Already Know

Just think about it:  You paid for the knowledge and or expertise you now have (either in time, money, or both).  What you already know
how to do... What you may even take for granted, is a valuable solution to someone else's problem.  The only thing you need to do is learn the fastest and most reliable way to translate your strengths into solutions that trigger people to buy.  That's what this short master class teaches you how to do.

What You'll Discover in this 4-Part Training:

  • Decide Who You Will Serve
    Knowing exactly how to define, locate, and narrow your niche is critical to identifying the hungry buyers who already want what you have to offer.
  • Validate Before You Create
    Learn the technique that  almost ensures you DON"T waste your time or lose money creating something people just will NOT buy.
  • Choose The Right Problem To Solve 
    Once you know who you can serve best, you must get very clear on the most urgent or pressing problems your niche are paying to have solved.
  • Win Before You Begin
    Learn exactly what to do to position your offer in a way that has your "ideal clients" actually happy to pay you before you actually create your real product or service.

What Others Are Saying:

Josh Noonan Run & Jump Media

"Byron is a masterful teacher who knows how to help you get the results you want."

Shannon Yvette Author of Worthy

"Byron knows his stuff.  His content is refreshingly practical and results driven."

Sam Surpong Real Estate Developer

"I'm glad I met Byron.  His ability to teach you how to take what you know and monetize it is second to none."

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